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In order to display the latest reform and innovation ac […]

In order to display the latest reform and innovation achievements in the fluid machinery industry, develop domestic and overseas markets, effectively promote exchanges and cooperation in the fluid machinery industry at home and abroad, between supply and demand, and among industries, universities and research institutes, enhance publicity of excellent enterprises and high quality products, with the experience of holding 8 China International Fluid Machinery Exhibitions successfully, China General Machinery Industry Association will hold 2018 the 9th China (Shanghai) International Fluid Machinery Exhibition (IFME) from 26 to 28 October, 2018 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

The exhibiting instrument carried by Shanghai Jianping is a universal joint dynamic balancing machine. There are three models, PHW-160H, 300H, 500H, JP680B and 580B. It can balance rotors from 50kg to 30,000kg and 2800mm in diameter. It can support up to 10 kinds of bearings. It can be flexibly customized components and can be balanced with rotating body parts such as large and medium-sized motor rotors, blowers, centrifugal impellers, dryer cylinders and rollers. It has the characteristics of large driving power, high precision and convenient operation.

Thanks to the excellent performance of the universal joint balancing machine, during the exhibition, Shanghai Jianping attracted many fans and the practitioners of the pump industry. They stopped to visit and asked about the characteristics of the universal balancing machine. And usage. In this regard, the Shanghai Jianping staff on the side made a patient answer, and then through the form of video, showed the specific operation method and effective use of the universal balancing machine, and the audience greeted each other for a time.