Maintenance-free Bearings and Maintenance-free Universal Joints


Maintenance-Free bearings refer to rolling bearings tha […]

Maintenance-Free bearings refer to rolling bearings that can work stably for a long time without maintenance from installation to failure. It has excellent performance such as maintenance-free, high performance, long life, more environmental protection and reliable durability.

Maintenance-free bearings greatly reduce the grease by optimizing the geometry and surface finish of the bearing channel, redesigning the retainer, the use of high-performance bearing steel and a unique heat treatment process, and improving the accuracy of the steel ball. consumption. And the optimized sealing structure is easier to store grease and lubricating oil to the channel, and cooperate with the full-life grease filling to provide more durable lubrication for rotation. A number of process improvements and applications have achieved tremendous improvements in bearing performance, eliminating the need for regular maintenance during the bearing life cycle.

The common maintenance-free bearings on the market are usually more complex than ordinary bearings, and the sealing effect is particularly good. These bearings generally use heavy contact seals, and the seal ring edges and bearing rings are contact type. When rotating, the friction torque is large. This has the advantage that the outside contaminants cannot enter, and the grease inside the bearing will not flow out even if it melts and becomes thinner at high temperatures, and does not require frequent maintenance.

In addition, maintenance-free bearings are also called replacement-free bearings. The sealed structure of such bearings cannot be disassembled without damage, and disassembly is also particularly difficult. After installation, they do not need to be replaced, and are generally used in large-scale agricultural machinery equipment.

The maintenance-free universal joint is similar to the maintenance-free bearing. The cross fork itself has no internal lubrication tube and no grease nipple. Instead, it has a relatively shallow depression on the end of the cross. The depression can be used as a reservoir for grease. Reduces grease consumption and eliminates regular maintenance over the life cycle of the Maintenance-Free Universal Joint.