The Role of Universal Joint Drive Shaft


The universal joint manufacturer drive shaft, as the na […]

The universal joint manufacturer drive shaft, as the name implies, is the shaft that transmits power. It is the power transmission medium that transmits the power output by the engine after the gearbox is decelerated and increased torsion to the driving wheels of the car.

Suspension is the general term for the force transmission device between the suspended frame or load-bearing body and the axle or wheels.

To put it simply, automobile suspension includes three parts: elastic element, shock absorber and force transmission device, which play the role of buffering, damping and force transmission respectively. According to the structure, the suspension can be divided into: non-independent suspension and independent suspension.

Non-independent suspension: Install the non-independent suspension wheels on both ends of an integral axle, so that when one wheel is running and beating, it will affect the other side of the wheel to make a corresponding jump, causing the entire body to vibrate or tilt. Cars adopting this suspension system generally have poor stability and comfort, but due to their simple structure and large bearing capacity, the suspension is mostly used in trucks, ordinary passenger cars and some other special vehicles.

Independent suspension: The independent suspension axle is divided into two sections, and each wheel is independently installed under the frame with a coil spring, so that when one wheel bounces, the other wheel is not affected, the vibration of the body is greatly reduced, and the car is comfortable Performance has also been greatly improved, especially when driving on high-speed roads, it can also improve the driving stability of the car. However, this kind of suspension structure is more complicated, the bearing capacity is small, and it will also make the driving system and steering system of the car complicated. At present, the front and rear suspension of most cars have adopted the form of independent suspension, which has become a development trend. Independent suspension can be divided into horizontal arm type, longitudinal arm type and MacPherson type according to the structural form.

The rear suspension generally has a trailing arm suspension system and a multi-link suspension system. The precision universal joint drive shaft is only used to transmit power and torque, and the drive axle is used to support the body load and connect the frame.